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Book Launch Untangle the Web of Narcissism Day of launch video 8.29.23

Book Launch Untangle the Web of Narcissism Day of launch video 8.29.23

A timely and essential book that challenges everything you think you know about narcissism and gaslighting, two words that have become popular buzzwords. This book offers lessons learned and numerous experiences spanning decades of the author walking through the pain of trauma, and arriving on the other side to claim her power, sanity, and purpose. In sharing her journey, she also shares wisdom, insight, and steps along the journey to help and support you in claiming your sanity, power, and purpose in a powerful and empowered way. Did you know that living with a narcissist can sometimes be the precursor to living a life using learned behaviors such as enabling and codependency? This is because we rely on them for protection from pain from past traumas. Author Madison Frederick, known for her expertise in narcissism, teaches through story how the effects of being raised by a narcissistic father made it difficult to process emotions caused by traumas throughout her early years. Sometimes it can be challenging to let go of the past. We can only resolve the pain from trauma by working through to the other side. In these pages, the readers will learn proven techniques to process the disruptive emotions caused by the traumas endured and step into your truth and power. This book can give you powerful tools to take you to the other side of Narcissistic friends and family members Narcissistic personal tendencies Abandonment and neglect Emotional, physical, and sexual abuse Addictions of all kinds and codependent behaviors Know that doing the inner work, setting boundaries, and claiming your truth and power will free you from past trauma. This book will empower you on this important journey! Get your copy here:
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