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Individual or Group SESSIONS

Individuals in groups will act differently than when they are alone. That is why a customized, complimentary approach is necessary to find healing. My approach incorporates elements from multiple therapy models: EFT, Doterra Aroma Touch Technique®, Feng Shui, and Spiritual Counseling all help me to guide a client through the effects of trauma and find happiness. With the right set of tools and support, I can guide you to seeing a differenet perspective so you can heal the old patterns or habits and live in joy and peace.

Lavender Fields


Why Essential Oils When purchasing essential oils, it is important to use pure oils. I use Doterra CPTG ® (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) because of its purity, and there are no added constituents like fillers or solvents. The sense of smell is closely linked to the centers of the brain that deal with emotions; inhaling the aroma of essential oils is one of the most powerful ways to affect emotions. There are several methods to use oils. There are three methods to use. Aromatic Smell directly from the bottle, or place a few drops in a diffuser to disperse in a room. Apply topically A few drops in your hand and apply directly on the skin. For some oils, it is suggested to use a carrier oil for sensitive skin. Internally Drop directly under the tongue or in a gel cap to take the oils internally. Read the label for warnings of non-internal use. These are some of the oils I used while writing the book Untangle The Web Of Narcissism. *Serenity® to help me accept the situation of my estrangement from my son. *Lavender assisted me in putting my thoughts down on paper. Lavender can also bring a calming effect. *Citrus oils, such as lime, lemon, wild orange, and grapefruit, helped uplift my mood, ease anxiety, and reduced my frustration. *Diffusing clove assisted me when digging back into my memories about my boundaries or lack of them. *Copaiba brought me clarity so I could forgive myself and others. *I diffused frankincense while writing the second letter to my birth mom and take ownership of the shame I felt when I realized I had ulterior motives while I wrote the first letter while I was in the treatment center. *Vetiver helped me discover and embrace my life purpose life of becoming a published author so I could serve more people.

"Going through the coaching process with you has felt safe and supportive. You have guided me to see how I sabotage myself with beliefs that I thought were unshakable to relook at them I see they no longer fit me. I choose to give my self permission to let them shrink. I feel so much more confident and empowered to reach beyond my default desires and into my life purpose.
Thank you for finding ME."

~ Polly Fletcher, Attitude Architect with Nero Shift Advantage, Boston, MA
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