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Madison Frederick is an author, speaker, guide and healing practitioner, specializing in comprehensive and holistic approaches to healing trauma from childhood through adulthood. 

How to work with Madison

Madison offers

  • individual sessions via recorded Zoom calls for the client's playback. 

  • Small six to eight-participant group sessions via recorded Zoom calls for the client's playback.

  • With a private Facebook group if requested by the group. The sessions will run up to three months, depending on the group's needs.​​

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Madison is an author, speaker, teacher, certified master life coach, Reiki master, certified spiritual counselor, and certified Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) practitioner who guides women through the quagmire of emotional traumas.  

At her first paying job as a teenager, Madison discovered the joy of helping/serving people. While working in a care center, she became quite attached to a gentleman experiencing his last few months. Feeling compassion for this gentle, kind man, she was able to help ease his transition to the other side by simply listening to his story. Another woman was admitted to the center following hip surgery when Madison was assigned to help her use a walker to build strength while walking up and down the hall. Upon discharge, the patient wrote a note to the administration telling her she could walk because Madison had spent extra time with her, listening to her concerns and worries about putting weight on her feet to walk.

Throughout her employment career, Madison has remained working in the healthcare field. Dedicated her passion to helping people feel better about themselves and their lives. As a nursing assistant, recreational therapist technician. As a job coach and working with people with disabilities helping them successfully navigate the hiring process and finding employment. 

Since age 20, Madison has dedicated her life to upgrading her mindset, powerfully shifting her perspective on life to find peace within. Raised by a narcissistic father, she developed many learned behaviors over time. Codependency and enabling, among others, for a way to cope. Most of her relationships were strained and unhealthy. Madison was primed to be on the receiving end of gaslighting.

As a trauma survivor and coach, she recognizes the vital need to release past negative beliefs, emotions, and fears that cause stress, anxiety, self-doubt, and self-sabotage to live an extraordinary life of freedom. She has adapted the lessons she’s learned to help others transform their lives. Madison’s work promotes emotional brain health through multiple modalities, including nutrition and essential oils, for optimum performance and happiness.


My journey has taken over fifteen plus years, bringing me to the other side of my traumatic childhood and early years of adulthood.

I have employed many different methods and techniques she learned through her studies and now use the same methods with her clients. Madison follows her inner guidance, listens to her client's concerns, and provides a safe place to discover things within themselves that they may not have been aware of before. She is passionate about helping others in the same emotional state she was in because of all the trauma before she found her answers. She is a lighthouse shining a light on all of the rocks standing in the way for people to find a way to feel whole and become who they are meant to be.

 After listening to someone’s story, she can suggest a possible method or technique to benefit them in their healing. Always walking alongside the client, offering them support with a follow-up.


Madison became aware of Reiki in her mid-thirties and found it helpful in bringing calmness to her life. She studied with a Reiki Master and became a master level myself and has taught others so they too can use or teach themselves.


Madison attended training sponsored by the American Hypnotherapy Association and became a Certified Spiritual Counselor. The instructor offered additional training in the non-traditional arena for workshops on personal growth and facilitating workshops on the material to teach others. She taught classes in local metaphysical stores that helped parents understand their Indigo Children, who are often labeled as troublemakers in the classroom.


Madison's interest in energy work and studying Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese art of placement. She trained at the Natural Bridges Institute and the Feng Shui for Life Academy. She has practiced Feng Shui principles in her life since 1997.


Seven years ago, she learned an Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT tapping) technique and became certified as a practitioner at Awakenings Institute. It is one of the techniques she uses with clients today.


Taking all of her previous training and knowledge was a natural next step for Madison to enroll in the Transformational Academy and become a Certified Master Life Couch.


Using multiple techniques with years of experience coaching clients, Madison has developed a customized, comprehensive approach to identifying and resolving what's behind toxic behaviors that have been prevalent possibly your entire life. She is a practitioner who asks a question and waits for the answer providing the client with a feeling listened to.


  • Master Life Coach Certification: Transformational Academy

  • EFT certification: Awakening Institute

  • Certified Spiritual Counselor: American Hypnotherapy Association

  • Doterra Aroma Touch Technique ®: Certification

  • Feng Shui Certification: Natural Bridges Institute

  • Feng Shui Certification: Feng Shui For Life Mastery

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Image by Jeremy Bishop
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