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What the Heck Is Tapping?

So what’s the deal with EFT tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique)?

How can tapping on your head change anything? EFT is a modern technique that combines ancient Chinese acupuncture with modern psychology.

When a situation creates enough stress, the amygdala in the brain creates cortisol, and we go into a stress response commonly called fight, flight, or flee. A connection between the mind and body occurs and can cause many different kinds of symptomatic reactions. Tightening in the chest, difficulty breathing, dizziness, or shaking, just to name a few.

There are generally nine specific points (although there are a few others) that we tap on. We call it tapping because we are literally tapping on the endpoints of the meridians of our body. During a session, as we tap, we verbalize the thoughts and feelings we are experiencing at the moment, or maybe something from our past. After the round is completed, the stress level goes down, and we feel more relaxed and calm.

There was a time in my life when there was so much chaos at home that I didn’t want to be there until my husband got home from work. When driving home from work one day, I wasn’t sure what awaited me. My mind spun, my chest felt heavy, and I couldn’t think clearly. I pulled my car off the side of the road and tapped. It gave me the mental strength to cope with the situation until it was resolved. I have been using the tapping technique for over seven years and became a certified practitioner five years ago.

After years of persistence and advocacy, the US Veterans Administration has approved EFT as “generally safe” to treat PTSD. The Tapping Solution Foundation has supported the veteran's stress project to help soldiers with PTSD for over ten years.

It is excellent for children. I have a friend who has taught the technique to her grandchildren, and they use it many times a week to get through the stress of their home life.

Do I believe in the power of tapping to help people heal from past traumas? Absolutely.

If you want to learn more, book a call with me through my website for a free exploration session.

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