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Life Can Be Like a Tree

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

Because a tree can represent the cycle of life and all its parts, seasons come and go like the ebb and flow of the ocean. It brings us all the rich, challenging experiences that wash over us and strengthen us.

When the sun breaks through the spaces between the trees' thousands of leaves, we can

marvel at the many shades and hues. The leaf of a tree correlates with the

symptoms we are having or discomfort in our bodies which can also have many different shades, colors, and hues during our lives.

The branch of a tree can represent our emotions. They can twist and turn, showing

strength and gentleness. Sometimes raw and tender and full of passion. When we see a slab of a cut tree trunk, we see ring upon ring displaying a bird’s eye view of that tree's life. Each circle represents a year layer upon layer. A traumatic experience can show up as if it was hemorrhaging. Most people view it as a tree knot. Also known as a burl.

A tree's roots can represent everything we believe or say to ourselves. I’m not good enough. I don’t deserve to be happy or our beliefs about money. Roots from trees in the forest sometimes push through rocks and other tree roots that make up an intricate network to promote survival.

I once saw a tree in a private garden in Salem Massachusetts. The garden caretaker explained all of the irregularities on the bark of that tree were caused by a fungus. The foreign matter the fungus attatching itself creating a knot, caused the tree to react to stress forming the knots.

Much like we humans’ stress can cause irregular conditions in life much like a tree reacts to foreign circumstances. A humans circumstances can present as low self esteem, illness, unhealthy relationsships, any many more conditions.

Utilizing Emotional Tapping Technique EFT has allowed me to heal many parts of my tree.I can now see many colors and hues that are only sometimes visible. I am incredibly grateful to have learned this simple yet powerful technique. During an EFT tapping session, you can take the sum of the tree or the root, branches or leavesas an individual area that may be causing us confusion or discomfort. The results can bring you forward on your jouney to find peace.

Be sure to watch for my next blog to learn more about EFT tapping.

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