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Gaslight Word of The Year 2022

The word gaslighting came into prominence with the release of the movie Gaslight. It is a psychological thriller that tells the tale of an older man that launched a plan to move his way into the life of a young woman who had inherited her aunt’s property when she passed.

He plotted a scheme to make the woman believe she had gone crazy. His plan was to make her believe she was insane and put her in an asylum to claim the fortune she had inherited. Once, he had declared her to be insane. The meticulous plan played out each day, one calculated act upon the other until he convinced her she hadn’t seen or heard what she had.

Gaslighting has been a buzzword over the last several years. In fact, in 2022 Marium-Webster chose it as their word of the year. This technique has been employed by many influential people with the intention of controlling a situation or policies. Motivated by the promise of political power or financial gain.

In a relationship, the person being gaslighted over time can feel frustrated, angry, and resentful toward the person they are in a relationship with. The process can last years or decades.


My story of being gaslighted happened over several decades. It isn’t always done by a relative who we are supposed to love just because of the dynamics of the situation, but it can also be a friend.

I struggled with the guilt and shame I felt because I was supposed to love them. Because of my love, I stayed, however misguided it was. If I removed myself from the relationship, I worried I would be judged by others. I put up with the pain until I couldn’t. I was finally able to pull myself up by the bootstraps, stood my ground, and finally said no more.

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Kate Nash
Kate Nash
Jun 30, 2023

I look forward to learning from what your share in your upcoming book.

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