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Finding Balance In the Present Moment

In my last blog, I talked about feeling anchored and balanced and experiencing nine different states of mind. Every nine states are a powerful influence in life. If you can answer yes to any of the, I AM declarations listed below, chances are you will live in the present moment and show up for your life as your best self.

I am:

· Calm

· Change

· Clear

· Confident

· Compassionate

· Connected

· Courageous

· Creative

· Curious

Reflecting on the list of words can be relevant for ourselves, others, and even in life situations.

For example.

A. Am I curious about my motives for doing something?

B. Why is someone else doing something for me?

C. Why has my situation changed?

When I can stay in the present, I feel anchored and balanced. Yet when my thoughts wander to the future, I often think about my plans, which leads me to start should-ing all over myself. I begin to judge myself as falling short.

My internal dialogue will go something like this; I can’t give a speech because I’m nervous and don’t feel calm. I know I’ll make mistakes. The momentum of my thoughts picks up. I should be confident I’ve done this many times before. I should feel courageous, and people come to hear what I have to share.

Taking time to assess any particular area of your life around physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, or health areas will help you to determine where things may be out of balance. Gently pull your mind back to the present, then you can then make any adjustments in your attitude or thoughts you need to make.

Buddha said, “The past is already gone, the future is not yet here. There’s only one moment for you to live, and that is the present moment.

Everything around us affects all aspects of life. Energy centers positioned throughout the body are part of the chakra system or our energy center. We can become out of balance when our thoughts look to the future or even to the past. Bringing my attention to the chakra system helps me focus on the present.

Our seven main chakras help us balance our state of mind, allowing us to focus on the present moment. Each chakra has many functions, but listed below are the tasks relevant to the nine states of mind listed below.

Chakra #1. Root Is located at the base of the spine. Helps with creativity.

Chakra #2 Sacral is located just below the belly button. Helps with courageousness.

Chakra #3 Solar plexus is in the stomach area. Assists with confidence.

Chakra #4 Heart is located in the middle of the chest. Helps with compassion.

Chakra #5 Throat in the throat. Assists with calmness.

Chakra #6 Third eye is located in the middle of the forehead. Helps with clarity.

Chakra #7 Crown is located on the top of the head. Helps with curiosity.

During meditation, I focus on bringing my breath to each chakra, helping me achieve energetic balance. In particular, in which area of my life do I feel out of balance. I bring myself back to the present moment to improve the quality of my life. Through my breath work, I decrease stress and anxiety. I can appreciate what is around me. I am in touch and aware of the experience I have right then.

The present moment resides between the past and the future. Fear and anxiety don’t live in the present moment. Living in the present also helps us deal with any pain that may come up because we haven’t spent time dwelling on the situation.

Stay tuned for my next blog.


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